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Disclaimer of responsibility

The data is provided and used as it is. Thus SHIBAURA HOUSE does not claim or guarantee its content and quality. SHIBAURA HOUSE is not responsible for any damage caused by viruses or defects in the data. SHIBAURA HOUSE does not accept responsibility for damage caused by situations such as function interruptions, transmission errors or errors in general regardless of the cause. Therefore we do not accept complaints related to such situations. Additionally, we do not pay for any repair, for instance for removal of viruses, corrections of defects, recovery from bugs, or damage.

Linking to our website

You are welcome to link to our homepage. However, we are not responsible in the event of any error, (broken link, link with inaccurate information, link with virus etc.) arising from the link. If you wish to make a link to our website, please inform us in advance. You must also be aware that pages other than http://www.shibaurahouse.jp may change or be deleted without prior notice.

Personal data collection

On some of the pages in our website, we ask users to submit personal information. This data will not be transferred outside SHIBAURA HOSUE or made available to third parties, without your permission.

Access log

Access data is logged onto our web server for the purpose of undertaking maintenance. The data will help us find the source and the cause of the error, and our use of it will help improve the content. This is only obtained by us in the form of aggregate results, and does therefore not identify a specific user.