An introduction to the staff working at SHIBAURA HOUSE.


Born in Chiba, 1974, Ito is the president of Kohkoku Seihan Inc. and SHIBAURA HOUSE, though he doesn't live in Shibaura. Ito majored in media art, and he loves spending time with children.



He has spent 6 years managing the space rental reception desk. Previously he was our printing press craftsman. He is one of the few SHIBAURA HOUSE members who is well versed in the company’s stormy beginnings. Recently he has taken on custom  furniture production.



In charge of facilities, horticulture, and our resident BBQ connoisseur, at first glance, Suzuki seems very hippie like. Exceeding expectation, he completes work quickly  with zen-like tranquility. He is professional photographer, so he occasionally takes long vacations for photo shoots. Priceless.



In charge of event planning. She is from Kobe but unlike a typical “Kansai-jin”, she is quiet. Her interests beginning with architecture. Her graduation thesis was about a playwright, Shuji Terayama.



A migratory bird from the southern continent. He is a nice guy with passion and politeness that goes beyond the ordinary Japanese. It was 3 years ago when he first came to SHIBAURA HOUSE. He started as a workshop participant, then a dancer, forever an English teacher, until finally becoming a staff-member.



Our local mom’s team supports SHIBAURA HOUSE behind the scenes. From free space management to lunch and accounting, they are a dynamic women’s group with considerable influence on SHBAURA HOUSE’s community standing.