A community of communities.

SHIBAURA HOUSE is a community space initiated by a company in Shibaura, Tokyo. The programs span from workshops for local residents to collaborative projects with creative professionals and cultural institutions from abroad. Since starting up three years ago, we have organized and co-organized over 500 events and established a large visitor base.

Why did our company decide to engage in such an activity?

When we consider our everyday life and future, we are faced with all sorts of issues that are challenging for a country or a government to accommodate. On the other hand, we must not forget that many communities tackling these issues already exist. For instance: a community of architects engaging in the recovery from an earthquake disaster, a community dedicated to creating playgrounds for children in urban areas, and a community rethinking social systems through food.

Most of these communities are so-called bottom-up-initiatives, grassroots efforts that are born out of their own sense of necessity. While we realize that we cannot expect much from the state’s ability to solve problems, as we can observe in its handling of budgets and governmental issues, these smaller initiatives play an important role in filling the gaps left by the larger organizations. We believe, that in the future, we need a social structure where top-down and bottom-up approaches can balance each other out.

Through the running of SHIBAURA HOUSE, we have come to know several types of bottom-up communities, from regional to larger, national initiatives, covering a variety of areas. As we get closer to them we have increasingly seen the necessity in exchanging and sharing experiences, know-how, infrastructure and networks. By forming a common meeting place, we can improve the management of the individual community.

In the new Community post page on our website, we plan to release information related to community. A special feature of the page will be articles by several core-members. The page will be a place for them to post everyday thoughts and relevant information. We also plan to host networking events where people can be introduced to each other through lectures and workshops relating to community management. SHIBAURA HOUSE will function as the venue for these events.

That is what SHIBAURA HOUSE wants to be; a community for people engaged in communities.