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Mom's Yoga Time


What kind of event?
After childbirth women are often too busy to make time for themselves.
They tend to put their own needs after everything else. But it is
important for mothers to have energy and to smile at their family -
especially during this period.

More info
Mom’s Yoga Time is a yoga-based exercise that focuses on the
Pelvic area, and works on the symptoms that mothers after childbirth
tend to suffer. These are typically shoulder aches, chills and bodily
exhaustion. We start from a slow, stretching exercise and deep
breathing, bringing fresh air into your body. This refreshes your body
and soul. Once the body loosens up, we employ yoga props, and
incorporate yoga poses to strengthen inner muscles. You can
participate the class with your baby, and the class allows you to join
in at your own pace, free of stress.

Program (60 min)
the program will be focused on the recovery from the pollen allergy. We will pay attention to our back and the backbone line. This is the season that people tend to have a sick due to changeable weather and pollen allergy. Prompting the autonomic neuron on the backbone line, our body is able to keep the balance between the sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve. It will contribute to promote our physical comfortability.

Target participants are women up to three years after childbirth. You
can participate in the parts of the program that you wish to within an
hour-long session.

We provide yoga mats and yoga props.

Please bring clothes suited for exercise without tight waists. We have
a simple changing room.

You can join our class with your children.

Click "participate" and proceed to the form. Depending on availability
we accept drop-in on the day participation.
The floor may change. In this case, we will inform you in advance.

If you are coming with your children, please accept in advance that we
are not liable towards any harm caused to your children.


11/10(Thu) 14:30 〜 15:30
Mom's Yoga Time


11/24(Thu) 14:30 〜 15:30
Mom's Yoga Time


12/01(Thu) 14:30 〜 15:30
Mom's Yoga Time


12/15(Thu) 14:30 〜 15:30
Mom's Yoga Time


Makiko Hatanaka
Hatanaka realized the importance of maintaining her own body and  
looking at an inner self, through practicing Yoga and Chinese martial art. She wanted to share this rich experience with others and started to organize Yoga classes and workshops in Tokyo. Her class is known for a relaxed atmosphere and close proximity with participants.
https://www.facebook.com/yoga.gathering.tokyo http://ygyp.blog.fc2.com/


TEL: 03-5419-6446

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