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Platform with Citizen Participation ”nl/minato” 
From spring 2017, SHIBAURA HOUSE launches a platform for a study called “nl/minato”. SHIBAURA HOUSE make “nl” refers to the Netherlands while “minato” refers to Minato-ku and its surrounding Minato area. From spring 2017, SHIBAURA HOUSE will run a platform for a study called “nl/minato”. “nl” stands for the Netherlands and “minato” stands for the Minato area with Minato-ku at its center. In this project, we aim to create a place for study with citizen participation, where SHIBAURA HOUSE collaborates with various organizations, with the support of the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Themes are LGBT, gender and media. These are high on the agenda of the Dutch government, but also urgent issues that must be addressed in Japan. We hope to deepen our understandings through dialogue by looking at innovative Dutch examples as well as the situations and tasks ahead in Japan and the Minato area.

nl/minato Media Program
In this era where we are saturated with information from the Internet, media and journalism can provide more than just information. Media and journalism can provide us with clues to solve complex issues, or can stimulate diverse discussions, and ultimately, bring about change. 
As part of the nl/minato Media Program, we have invited an organization that has worked on a number of unique activities in the world of media/journalism. We will introduce their methods and stories while focusing on the interrelationship between what journalism tells us and what journalists can take from investigating different approaches. Also we will analyze the current situation in Japan compared to other countries, and will try to think of new media initiatives and a new future for journalism. 

◎nl/minato Outline
Multifaceted-study program covering three themes: LGBT, gender and media.
Duration: March - December 2017 (LGBT: March - May, Gender: June - August, Media: September - November)
Venue: SHIBAURA HOUSE/The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands/Minato-ku and its surrounding area Organizers: SHIBAURA HOUSE | Supported by The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Talk Event
nl/minato Media Program “What Journalism Tells and Takes”

We have invited members of “Bureau Boven,” an independent media collective consisting of 5 female journalists from The Netherlands and the director of IRON CURTAIN PROJECT*. While each member is actively working separately, they continue to collaborate on a number of investigative research projects. In contrast to the traditional idea of “journalist”, they work in a variety of media including television, radio, newspapers and publishing. One of the focal points of their work is reporting personal stories related to social movements. This has led them to orchestrate a number of radical events including performances and exhibitions in countries across the Iron Wall of Eastern Europe. The “I’m so Angry I Made a Sign” pop-up exhibition will be brought to Tokyo and shown alongside their talk event. “Bureau Boven” takes an approach to journalism which brings about emotions and ideas that people usually keep to themselves. Their work is a fine example of media that does more than just present information. In this event we will also consider the role of the collective, and the significance of being an all-female group, in the context of gender/minority and media. 

*IRON CURTAIN PROJECT… a multimedia project with online stories on (www.ironcurtainproject.eu) and offline events, like exhibitions, workshops and film/audio-nights all through Europe. The media tells the personal stories of people who joined one of the protests that shaped Europe.

Date: 25th November 13:30-16:00 (13:00 Door Open)
Capacity: 60 (reservation required)
Admission: Free
Language: Japanese, English
I’m So Angry (I Made a Sign)
Pop Up Museum about revolutions and protest

The I’m So Angry (I made a sign) Pop-up Museum is an exhibition that pops up for a short time in different cities through Europe. The exhibition tells the personal stories of people who joined one of the protests that shaped Europa. It shows the symbols they used and asks the question: what are we willing to fight for nowadays. Welcome to the I’m So Angry (I made a Sign) Pop-up Museum. Read the stories, join the free workshops and show the world your own protest sign in the video booth. 

Date: 24th-29th November 11:00-17:00
Because of the delivery trouble, "I’m So Angry Pop Up Museum” will be open after 28th instead of 24th. We are very sorry for bother you.
Venue: SHIBAURA HOUSE Free Space
(Sunday will be closed)


11/25(Sat) 13:30 〜 16:00


11/28(Tue) 11:00 〜 17:00


11/29(Wed) 11:00 〜 12:30


Emmie Kollau (1977, Tilburg, the Netherlands)

Works as a radioproducer for a large broadcasting com-pany and makes radio and video documentaries. She is the editor in chief of the Iron Curtain Project.

Adinda Akkermans (1983, The Hague, the Neterlands)
Works as a journalist for different national newspapers, television programs and radio programs. She writes stories and organizes events for the Iron Curtain Project. This year she wrote a book about Bibeb, the first interviewer of the Netherlands.

Catrien Spijkerman (1984, Tilburg, the Netherlands)
Works as a journalist for different national newspapers and radioprograms. She writes stories and organizes events for the Iron Curtain Project 

Tijl Akkermans (1981, Amsterdam , the Netherlands)
Works as a designer and art-director.  He is the creative director of the Iron Curtain Project. ​

Yuto Miyamoto / Talk Event Moderator
Born March 14, 1989. Works as a freelance and story teller. He is graduated Waseda University Journalism School of Political Science and Economics. He is former editor of the magazine ‘’WIRED’’ JP.


SHIBAURA HOUSE, Minato-ku, Shibaura 3-15-4, Tokyo 108-0023
E-mail: info@nlminato.org 
nl/minato Facebook: www.facebook.com/nlminato/

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