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Once a month we invite a foreign guest who is doing something ... anything creative to share their experiences. The event's a gathering of like minded people discussing a variety of issues in a relaxed, immmersive environment. Stimulated by new information, new people and new experience.

ART IN THE TANK : Pavle Jovović and Anuk Miladinović

This month we have invited 2 European artists currently doing a residency program at TOKAS in Sumida-ku, Tokyo. They are both highly motivated artists who work in a variety of medium and are driven to explore an art that is both critical and tangible, emotional and open to interpretation. FISH TANK will provide them with a platform to showcase their work in a free format, to float a few of their pieces in the public realm, and see what happens. We ask you to join us in this underwater happening to explore the underlying thought process and emotions of the work, and to then talk a lot about it. Challenging art in an informal public setting, we hope that you can come along for the swim. The displayed work is below: 


VR who VR, 2018, Pavle Jovović and Anuk Miladinović

Creating a virtual reality landscape with circular layers is somewhat like painting a three-dimensional mandala and makes an interesting parallel to its concentrical circles, that draw us towards its center which represents the Self.

In a virtual reality setting, an artificial 360 degree mandala, we look outwards, being already placed in a virtual Self.

While interacting with the community, practicing Budō in local Dōjōs and the research on contemporary and traditional Japanese culture, art and mythology, Pavle Jovović and Anuk Miladinović carefully gathered material and created their very first virtual reality landscape during their three month residency in Tokyo.


BARE, 2017, Pavle Jovović

In the text which I wrote for a series of paintings called Bare/In spite of, I addressed the issue of being “contemporary” rather than giving an explanation of what these paintings were about.

“Free from the present image of what a contemporary art piece should look or feel like, or what message and moral it should stand behind, “Bare” means stripped of the contemporary dogma, of popular subject-matter choices and that part of an artist’s ego that demands to be liked or accepted through art.”

What lies behind this statement is that I am a simple man, an artist using my work both as a tool and a notepad in my search for the Self. Having a clear idea that the universal transcends the contemporary, I decide not to be fascinated by the seductive content of what we call the objective reality. 


Access, 2012, Anuk Miladinović

The elevator doors open up like a curtain. Behind them is neither an opulent show nor a grand narrative. Instead, behind them are other, open elevator doors. When the doors slide open yet another time, they reveal a view of a curved staircase, an escalator, or an ordinary elevator setting: the interior of a strictly structured, rhythmic, aestheticized world. Yet, an exterior—and thus, possibly, an exit—cannot be seen in Anuk Miladinovićs video, access. (Text: Greta Hoheisel)


Dream, 2017, Anuk Miladinović

In Dream, the artist Anuk Miladinović collages and cross-fades sequences of video material that shows cultural uses of water: a swimming pool in which people draw their paths in clear water or a watergate filled with filthy water and ships that float through and disappear again. Water is reminiscent of a clean sport or wellness center as well as a polluted, global transport route with almost endless container ships. The film does not follow a clear narration. Illogical or unrealistic connections revert to a different dream world in which real conditions reflect the subconscious. (Text: Tina Sauerländer)


Event Information

◎ Date: Wednesday 28th March / 2018. 19: 00-22: 00

◎ Fee: ¥ 500. Drinks and snacks are available for purchase

◎ Reservation: Not required


03/28(Wed) 19:00 〜 22:00



Pavle Jovović, Biography

Pavle Jovović was born in 1989 in Užice, Serbia. He completed his BA and MA studies in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, which were followed by studies at the ENSBA (National School of Fine Arts) in Paris, where he completed his BA and MA. In the recent years his paintings were shown in various solo and group exhibitions. Currently he lives and paints in Basel and Belgrade. 





Anuk Miladinović, Biography

Anuk Miladinović was born 1984 in Basel. 2012 she graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Munich. In the last years she participated in numerous international exhibitions with her video art work. Currently she is living and working in Basel and Munich. 





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