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EVOLVING NEIGHBOURHOOD : Visions by the community of Shibaura

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What kind of Event?

This workshop aims to re-evaluate the urban existence on Shibaura San-chome Island - an artificial island in the Tokyo Bay area. The territory dispersed with reclaimed land has always been affected by strategic, political, economic and cultural processes in its evolution.

Almost 30 years after the bubble economy bursted and the extensive profit driven development slowed down, new phenomena such as globalized interconnections, flow of information in real-time, rise of a creative class and a communal consciousness are on the agenda today.

Shibaura area has once flourished with industrial economy. We would like to examine how a future post economic practice on the islands may evolve. Your perception and vision for the future on Shibaura is the focus! A series of activities triggers different senses to explore and work with the urban space.

What if I have never done this kind of thing before, can I still join?  Of course yes! Everybody, no matter of age or profession is welcome! We are looking forward to a diverse group producing a varied outcome! No preparation or qualification is required, let’s appraise today’s Shibaura together!

Day Program : 


To warm up with, we will use our bodies to interact with the urban space. The intention is to get aware of the environment! Look forward to a highly sensual experience!

Physical Intro 


By emphasizing hearing, we will examine our perceptions of Shibaura Island and translate them in a creative way on paper afterwards! We will keep the impressions in photographs and drawings. This exercise will detect places, which hold future potentials. It smoothly leads to our ‘visions’ for Shibaura island!



With a common feeling for the potentials on the islands, we will work on our individual visions and imaginations for Shibaura! These ideas for transformative processes will be captured again by photographs and drawings.


The day will be complemented by a lunch break and final discussion of our work!

Venue / Output : 

The creative outcome is intended to stay in SHIBAURA HOUSE for a subsequent exhibition! Besides drawings and photographs, we will work together on a common map of Shibaura island that unifies all the impressions and ideas!

SHIBAURA HOUSE 1F Community Space

The People : 

The workshop is initiated by Lorenz Krauth and Rie Chimura together with the team of Shibaura House.
Lorenz is an aspiring architect from Berlin/ Germany, currently studying at Waseda University. Raised in Tokyo, Rie is an aspiring landscape architect and studied at Kingston University London/ UK.

Lorenz + Rie

The duo is curious how the participation of locals’ perspectives and ideas may shape prosperous space production in the context of the Tokyo Bay area. In the collaboration with Shibaura House, which will also be the venue of the event, we found a perfect partner for the workshop.


Date: 2018, June 9th (Sat)

Time : 10:00 - 18:00

Place: 2F Shibaura House, 3-15-4 Shibaura Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 108-0023



06/09(Sat) 10:00 〜 18:00
EVOLVING NEIGHBOURHOOD : Visions by the community of Shibaura


Lorenz Krauth and Rie Chimura


Lorenz Krauth - lorenz.krauth@gmx.de

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