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English Language Support at SHIBAURA HOUSE

One to One English language support at your control. You can choose what to study, and when. 45 minute sessions at SHIBAURA HOUSE with Sally-sensei.

one to one lesson 

Use these textbooks, or bring your own

A place where English language students of all ages can have one to one English time with a certified teacher in a fun and social learning space. Students are encouraged to bring in their own material whether it be a school homework book, a challenging work presentation, or a personal diary, and are able to work through it together with our teacher. The Homework Circle is a place where you can improve your specific skills, while enjoying communicating in English. 

Everybody is welcome, whatever age and whatever English level.

Is it Good for Me? 

・ Would you like some ‘one on one’ support with your study, your homework, to help reinforce your learning

・ Do you have meetings, in English, that you would like some preparation support with?

・ Do you have any projects, in English that you would like support with?

・ Are you struggling to keep up with your peers, in class?

・ Would you like some support in editing your documents or written work, in english?  Or to practice letter writing or reporting?

・ Are you stuck, in your studies and would like some encouragement, to get to the next level, in your English learning?

・ Maybe you just need some casual conversation, in english about your studies and goals.

・ Perhaps you are planning a trip and need a crash course in casual, organisational language, for your trip.

・ Do you just want practice in writing, reading or speaking in English?

If you, or your child would like this ‘one on one’ support, please contact Patrick Wheare at Shibaura House, to discuss your needs, and times. Or, please fill in this Google Form.

WHO - Anybody over 8 years old who is currently studying English

WHEN - Anytime between 9:00 - 18:00, Monday to Friday.

(Please book 4 lessons in advance, after the trial lesson) 


PRICE -  ¥1500 / 45 minute session 

CONTACT : info@shibaurahouse.jp (Patrick)

Google Form.


01/01(Tue) 09:00 〜 18:00



Sally Collins

Our ‘Homework Circle' teacher is Sally Collins, is an Australian expat, ESL and TEFL teacher.  Sally has taught both young people and adults in a variety of countries, during her expat years, in London, Russia, Brazil and now Japan.  In a ‘one on one’ situation, with Sally, you can design and focus on your own specific needs, in your learning and practice.  The environment is informal, flexible and fun.  No stress or pressure.  Our aim is to help you reduce your stress in english learning and practice.



info@shibaurahouse.jp 担当:Patrick

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