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FISH TANK : Floating Sounds

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Once a month we invite a foreign guest who is doing something ... anything creative to share their experiences. The event's a gathering of like minded people discussing a variety of issues in a relaxed, immersive environment. Stimulated by new information, new people and new experience.

Photo by Gijs Kooijmans

Floating Sounds :  Jarno van Es

This month we have invited Amsterdam based musician Jarno van Es to perform an experimental live performance at SHIBAURA HOUSE. Jarno is a pianist inspired just as much by his eclectic experience as he is by the audience. He respects how people listen to his music and is interested in creating immersive sound environments when he performs. At this month’s FISH TANK, Jarno is planning to curate a non-linear music experience inviting the audience to play, and contribute to show. 

For this FISH TANK we will begin with a short 30 minute presentation from the artist, where he will tell us a little about his diversity of past experiences, as well as his current preoccupations. After a nice break, Jarno will then take over the first floor space with a collection of different sound sources. He plans to create an improvised jam, by inviting the audience to play the different sound sources, finding rhythms together and inspiring each other to make a new kind of non linear music. 

He is a perfect fit to the idea of the FISH TANK, and we hope to create an experiential environment where we can create music together. If you are interested in music, art, or even just communicating with new people in a new way, please come along for the swim! 

The Artist's information is below:

Jarno van Es - The Piano Pilgrim

Photo by Marina Notrima

Jarno was born in 1983, Terneuzen / Netherlands. He started playing the piano when he was 8 years old, studied piano and electronic music at the conservatory of Tilburg (NL) where he also graduated with a Master's Degree in music composition.

He is a “Piano Pilgrim.” He travels around the world, carrying only a backpack and a recording device. Along the way he plays as many pianos as possible. 

In the past he played the piano in bars, hotels, theaters, churches, museums and even in parks and public streets across the continents of Europe, North America and South America. Now he is in Asia, visiting Japan...!

He combines elements of jazz, classical music and pop into meditative pieces. He improvises around romantic melodies and modern harmonies, trying to create fields of music instead of just songs. Together with the audience he begins a musical adventure discovering new places, which were unknown before. 

Event Information

◎ Date: Wednesday 20th February, 2018. 19: 00 - 22: 00

◎ Fee: ¥ 500. Drinks and snacks are available for purchase

◎ Reservation: Not required


02/20(Wed) 18:00 〜 23:00


Jarno van Es :




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