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Once a month we invite a foreign guest who is doing something ... anything creative to share their experiences. The event's a gathering of like minded people discussing a variety of issues in a relaxed, immersive environment. Stimulated by new information, new people and new experience.

ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE :  Cihad Caner & Erica van Loon

This month we are hosting a talk event based on the notion of ‘Artist in Residence’. We would like to know more about this practice of artists travelling the globe and living for a set amount of time in a foreign country, under the pressure of producing art? Is it a source of inspiration, or trepidation? In particular, we’d also like to find out more about what it’s like to do such a residency program in Japan, a land which can be inexplicably foreign.

Imagine being a bright and colourful clown fish from the warm waters of The Great Barrier Reef and thrown into a cold, dark lake in Russia? Or a King Penguin of Antartica being asked to not only live in The Bahamas, but also do work? Hopefully we can get to know a bit more from our guests about what it has been like to live and work with the difficulties of acclimatising, getting used to the food, language, and on top it all, immersing yourself in a new community and producing art?! In a foreign land what does it mean to be an Artist in Residence, or a fish in a new tank? 

For this event we have invited 2 of the current artists taking up residence in the ARCUS Project, a longstanding A.I.R program located in a renovated elementary school, in Moriya, Ibaraki Prefecture.

ARCUS Project:

The ARCUS site, an old elementary school in Moriya

ARCUS Project “Residency for Artists, Experiments for Locals” aims to support promising artists who engage in creative activities across the world, and also, to promote the Ibaraki area through art. This project started in 1994 as a test artist-in-residence program that was an initiative of the Ibaraki Prefectural Government. After six years of successfully running the test project period, it then began officially. By collaborating with emerging artists, curators, and prospective art managers, ARCUS Project connects the Ibaraki area with art, and encourages residents of the city of Moriya to voluntarily participate in various art projects that include exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and film screenings.

Our project offers various programs, particularly for children, in order to cultivate flexibility, receptivity, and creativity in adapting to new cultural environments with other artists from different regions. With domestic and international artists who support ARCUS Project, ARCUS Project intends to establish an AIR (Artist-In-Residence) program, which is a temporary or seasonal intensive program, to be used as a catalyst for the development of a new creative landscape for Moriya residents. Based in the city of Moriya, ARCUS Project is growing as a hub in which revolutionary art is fostered through these international programs.

The Artist's information is below:

Cihad Caner (Turkey)

Cihad Caner

Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1990. Lives and works in Istanbul and Rotterdam, Netherlands. Caner studied photojournalism at Marmara University (Istanbul) and then media design and communication at Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam). Experiences as a photojournalist in Turkey gave Caner an awareness of ethical issues involved in producing and presenting heartrending images of war, and prompted a search for alternatives to the current state of society, in which people are flooded with images at unprecedented speed. Caner has primarily dealt with war, conflict, immigration, and resistance, and has produced and presented videos, 3D animation, sculpture, and installations with the motifs drawn from war-devastated communities and objects collected there.

Abstract Violence
Video, 11′14″, sculpture

DIY Survival Kit
Video, 01′52″ loop

Erica van Loon (The Netherlands)

Erica van Loon (Photo by Tim Mintiens) 

Born in Meppel, Netherlands in 1978. Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Van Loon studied architectural design at ArtEZ University of the Arts (Kampen) and fine art at Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam) and De Ateliers (Amsterdam). She has participated in residency programs in Canada, Switzerland, the US and elsewhere. Van Loon is interested in physical links between humans and the earth, activities inside the earth that we cannot see or only perceive indirectly and the human unconscious. She has thus far produced sound, video, and photography works, as well as installations that combine these media. In her works, the artist aims for effects that heighten viewers’ perceptions through repeated actions and rhythms and strengthen their ability to find connections between the exterior ecosystem and the interior of the human body.

Your Brain Has No Smell
Audio-installation, 36′

A Body Is Not a Part of a Head
Video, 7′49″

Challenging art in an informal, public setting, we hope you can come along for the swim.


Event Information

◎ Date: Wednesday 28th November, 2018. 19: 00 - 22: 00

◎ Fee: ¥ 500. Drinks and snacks are available for purchase

◎ Reservation: Not required


11/28(Wed) 19:00 〜 22:00




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