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English Bar

A regular monthly event held in collaboration with the great people at NPO SEELS. Each month we are trying to create a natural and fun environment for those who love chatting, in English. It is designed as a place for those studying English who want to communicate with people from different backgrounds. No matter what your level of English, please feel free to stop by after work for a chat, and even a drink or two !

SEELS - The Teachers 

SEELS is an English teacher training business, where those of non-Japanese background are provided with the skills to become an internationally certified English teacher. For this event we have collaborated with a group of the students and graduates to act as hosts for the English Bar. They will use their unique methods of teaching to support your English needs, as well as helping to lead the discussion throughout the night. In the English Bar, a lot of SEELS students and graduates will participate, so you can have a casual English chat while sharing a drink or two. They are a great bunch of teachers, full of energy and proud to tell their stories. 

Even if you are a little shy, don't be afraid to come and have fun speaking English! (^ ^)!

Oh, and if we are lucky, there will be some homemade Japanese style snacks for everyone !

Event Information

◎ Date:Monday 2019/07/08. 18:00-21:00

◎ Fee : 500 yen + 1 Drink

◎ Reservation : Not required


07/08(Mon) 18:00 〜 22:00


Who are Seels?

SEELS vision is to make a multicultural society where “learners and teachers of languages are happy”. In countries like Japan and Vietnam, where governments have legislated mandatory English language school curriculums in public schools, their policies are facing difficulties. Government school curriculums do not match the English learning programs provided by private companies and, thus, the learners and teachers of English are in an unsatisfactory situation.

To deliver an alternative, SEELS mission is to “provide high quality education and training” where English teachers are provided with new opportunities in an Outcome-Based Education (OBE) program to become Professional English Teachers with SEELS-OBE development program approach. Japan is one of the country signatories of the 1989 Washington Declaration that promote OBE.



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