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SING EXPRESS 3_ Sing A capella with Tina Broad


SING EXPRESS is a platform for community, a community of singers ! No matter what you're level, we provide a fun and challenging experience for all thos who love meeting new people and making new friends through the act of singing together.  SING EXPRESS is a series of all day a capella workshops, guided by leading international experts. 


Australian a capella and gospel specialist, choir director and educator Tina Broad will continue the series, for her third time in Tokyo. Each time Tina comes to the SING EXPRESS she brings her own unique energy to motivate and push us through our own boundaries, and find new harmonies.


Language and previous experience is no barrier. Songs may be in several languages and anyone with a dream of singing in harmony is welcome.

"Singing is physical, emotional and, above all, natural. We know how to do it, we’ve just got to let go and feel it. Tina will help you express yourself and connect with others in beautiful 4-part harmony. So join us as we dive into the popular songbook, quickly make a choir and do what we were born to do: sing!" 

SING EXPRESS 1+2 - Feedback

5F SHIBAURA HOUSE - workshop

'Our first Sing Express was a great success, with 22 people meeting and singing with each other, for the first time.  It was a really rewarding and lovely experience, for me, as the event organiser, to see how happy our workshop made everyone.  Although we worked hard, the two days flew by and before we knew it, we had learned 13 songs.  It seemed easy with Tina’s brilliant, inclusive and fun teaching style.

We had a mix of experienced and new singers.  The beauty of singing together in harmony is that no-one could tell.  We all just supported each other and everyone felt included.  The venue in Shibaura House was also fantastic.  The acoustics were wonderful, it was great to hear ourselves, singing as a choir.

We’d love to see many more people join us for Sing Express 2 in April.  Tina is truly inspirational teacher.  Not only did she have us singing straight away in three part harmony, her warmth and praise had a hugely positive impact, on us all.'   --Sally Collins – Sing Express organiser

“Looking forward to my return to Shibaura House for Sing Express 2. For me, the last workshop was a brilliant opportunity to bring together a brand new group of singers in one of the world’s best cities. We really got to the heart of what community singing is all about: kindness, generosity, commitment and fun. By the end of our two days together I felt we were a choir that was ready for anything! I can’t wait to come back to do it all again.”  --Tina Broad – Sing Express choir director


1F SHIBAURA HOUSE - performance

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, let alone how much I would enjoy myself and connect with all the wonderful people in attendance. I really was blown away by what a great time I had. Tina's wonderfully positive personality, with her excess of knowledge and talent, really makes for a unique learning environment. -- Shayna, participant

Thank you so much Sally for the wonderful event and all your hard work for making it happen! I really am looking forward to the next one… -- Annie, participant

It was perfect as it was. -- Feren, participant

Yes, it was very fun, singing with people who are really talented, and those who are not really talented well... Ms. Tina changed them, made us all work together.  -- Daniel, participant

Was a great experience. -- Yayoi, participant

‘… it was nice to be able to perform so there is the “putting what you’ve learned to use” part.’  -- Anna, participant


SING EXPRESS 3, some FAQ's : 

1. When is it?

Sunday 29th September 10pm - 3pm

Sunday 29th April   5pm - 7pm : Culminating in an informal performance for family, friends and neighbours of Shibaura House.

2. Where is it?

Shibaura House 3F - www.shibaurahouse.jp

3 Chome Shibaura 15 Minato, Tokyo 105-0023

3. What does it cost?

Full program : ¥7000 YEN per person 

Registrations are essential to hold your place.

4. Will I have to ‘audition’ or have my voice tested to join the workshop?

Absolutely not! This is an open and inclusive space where everyone is welcome.

5. Will I have to sing on my own?

No. You will have many other people singing with you. That’s what makes it so wonderful.

6. Do I need to be able to read music?

No way! How can you clap your hands and move if you’re holding sheet music?! All songs will be learnt aurally (by ear). Tina will sing a phrase. You will repeat it. It’s as simple as that. Before you know it you will have learnt many songs and be singing in harmony with a room full of new friends. No sheet music, no choir books, no instruments, no lyric sheets.

7. I don’t know whether I’m an alto, soprano, tenor or bass. How will I know what part to sing?

Don’t worry: in the process of learning the different harmony parts you will get the opportunity to hear Tina sing those parts many times. This will help you decide what section to be in: you will know what part feels best to you when you sing it.

8. What do I need to bring?

Just make sure you wear comfortable clothing, with nothing too tight around the neck or waist and ideally a couple of layers that can be removed when we get hot – which we will! We will be standing a lot, so wear comfortable shoes. Bring a water bottle so you can stay well hydrated through the day.

9. Why should I do this?!

The rewards are many. Singing is great for our physical and mental health. Singing with others promotes friendship and confidence, self-awareness and empathy. At the end of each day you will feel a euphoric sense of achievement. And you will make your friends and family proud when they come to the culminating performance at the end of Day 2.



Time/Date :  Sunday September 29th, 10:00 - 15:00


Cost :   ¥6000 / person 

Registration :     https://forms.gle/J1dGJhdRcby9qDV18

* advanced registration is essential 

Contact : Sally Collins   

(t) +81 (0) 80 7959 8970

(e) SallyCollins@gmail.com




“Australian singer, community builder and activist, Tina Broad is one of those special people who affects others in a positive way, at a very deep level. Her love of music and infectious desire to share her talents with community are a joy to behold.”


Tina has been a professional singer, producer, workshop leader and band manager in the US and Australia and is a passionate advocate for lifelong music participation.


In 2007 she founded The Glorious MUDsingers in her South Coast NSW community and has grown the choir to its now more than 80 voices. She has led the choir on professional development and performance tours all over Australia and to New Zealand and Fiji and has helped the choir raise many thousands of dollars for charities through its singing. She was recognised in 2012 with a Citizenship Award for her commitment to musical participation and charitable fundraising.


Tina spent a decade with the Music Council of Australia (now Music Australia, the nation’s peak body for music), spearheading advocacy programs to boost public involvement in two key areas: school music education and community-based music participation. In 2006 she launched Music: Count Us In, which became the world’s biggest school music initiative and Australia’s biggest school-based program. Under Tina’s stewardship, each year the program brought together more than one million students and teachers in music education, including for the nationwide performance of the same song, at the same time - coordinated across time zones and in towns, cities and iconic places all over the country (including on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge).


Tina was recognised for her work by winning the 2011 Global Musical Rights Award of the International Music Council (IMC), based at UNESCO.


Since 2012, Tina has been working with Australia’s performing rights organisation, APRA AMCOS, on a pioneering in-school mentoring program, SongMakers, to nurture the next generation of creative professionals, in schools. This sees top Australian musicians and producers mentor students to create and record new music, discover career pathways and find a unique voice.



Sally is an Australian world traveller, entrepreneur, manager, promoter, workshop facilitator and TEFL teacher. She is currently resident in Tokyo.


A Career in Music

Sally began her career as a music manager in 1980, in Australia, where her work with The Triffids saw her based in the UK and Europe, for much of that decade. She helped run the International Music Managers’ Forum for four years. On her return to Australia in 1990 she morphed into corporate and community event production and management, working on a huge range of events for corporate clients like Toyota, to country festivals and promoting Australian and international artists through a small theatre.


An Expat Life


In 2008 Sally, moved with her family to Vancouver and, after completing a TEFL course, started teaching English. Her family moved from Canada to London in 2010 and then to Rio de Janeiro in 2014, where she started a small ‘English’ school in a favela. Four years later and the school is still thriving, providing not only English but music as well.


In 2008 while in Canada Sally joined the One Human Family Gospel Choir under the directorship of African American gospel composer, director, musician and activist, Eric Dozier. Since then Sally has managed Eric’s international career, booking singing workshops with Eric, for adults, choirs, community groups, youth groups and schools in Canada, America, New Zealand and Australia.


In every new country, Sally looks for ways to positively engage with her new home, to enhance her own experience as well as contributing to the community in which she is living. Her interests particularly lie in mentoring young people to fulfil their ambitions in life, sharing English, as well as bringing the joy of music to people, wherever she can, as a choir workshop facilitator. Her workshop clients include Tina Broad, Australia; Tony Backhouse, NZ; and Eric Dozier, US.


Contact : Sally Collins    

(t) +81 (0) 80 7959 8970

(e) SallyCollins@gmail.com

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