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Knit Cafe, Connecting to the World


This month, Knit Cafe is scheduled to be at SHIBUARA HOUSE on the last week, in addition to online editions. 

What kind of event is it?

Experienced knitters 
and the beginners who want to try knitting, 
as well as for the people who simply love being with the knitters, 
join us!

It is a knitting cafe, which anyone can drop by and take part in. 

Knitting at home is fun, 
but how about knitting over a conversation, 
away from your house in a nice spacious room?

There is no teacher here. 
and someone to show each other’s work.
If you prefer to knit alone and take your time,
and wish to learn how to knit by yourselves,
we have books and iPad for you to use.

More Info
We have been running the Knit Cafe online while SHIBAURA HOUSE was closed. For June, it is scheduled to have the Knit Cafe at our free space, just on the last week. 

Recommended for

・Knitters who want to occasionally knit at somewhere other than their homes

・People who used to knit in the past, and want to try it again

・People who want to put the work aside, and do something different to spend their time

・People who want to communicate with local people and fellow knitters through knitting

・People who are interested in alpaca yarns delivered from Peru in South America

Date and time
Every Thursdays

Online edition
If you are interested in joining the online edition, please send a request via this website in advance: 

Special online edition
Guest appearance of Alpaca in Scotland! 
June 4: 20:00-22:00
Addmission: 500 yen (please pay via the link above)

Online editions

June 11: 14:00-16:00
June 18: 22:00-22:00
Admission: Free


Measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 infections will be taken when organizing the event. 
June 25: 14:00-16:00 
Participation Fee: Free if you bring your own tools and yarns
Rough Price Guide for the Beginners: ¥200
Using Alpaca yarns:  ¥900~¥3000

Booking is not required. Please come to 1F during the opening hours.
※In case of rental service, the venue may change or moved to another date. If so we will notify via FB. 


06/04(Thu) 20:00 〜 22:00
Knit Cafe, Connecting to the World


06/11(Thu) 14:00 〜 16:00
Knit Cafe, Connecting to the World


06/18(Thu) 20:00 〜 20:00
Knit Cafe, Connecting to the World


06/25(Thu) 14:00 〜 16:00
Knit Cafe, Connecting to the World


MAITE is a knitwear brand using natural materials, among all most used are alpaca related materials, and create products in Peru and Japan. MAITE means “love” in Basque. 
We aim to create knitwear that are simple, but special and which you will want to use regularly. The items are produced with a high degree of ethical transparency, using natural materials such as alpaca that are raised in South America, far away from Japan.



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