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Dance Port Shibaura: From Body to Criticism


What is it?
“Dance body” “Language body”
Our bodies have been expressive since ancient times, far before the birth of language. Yet language continues to change and adapt to our times. When we look at dance from these two points of views we can recognize our body .

This series of dance performances uses the "body" and "criticism” as key words to look at the work of choreographers Ippei Shintaku (head of Do Do Do Mori) and Koji Ozono / Noriyasu Hashimoto (directors of Kaeru-P).

Our opening act is Kedagoro, a company renowned for their powerful group dance acts. Kim Ito and Atsuhiro Koizumi (Sangatsu) are invited as guest critics to review and write about the works of Ippei Shinsaku and Kaeru-P. The choreographers will respond in writings, generating a program that combines performances and criticisms.

Dance performance: Ippei Shintaku, Kaeru-P
Opening act: Kedagoro
Guest critics: Kim Ito, Atsuhiro Koizumi (Sangatsu)

We didn't invite typical dance critics for this occasion. Kim Ito has been producing various projects that support young dancer's development, while working as a dancer and a choreographer. Whilst Atsuhiro Koizumi has been making platforms for music production, in parallel to running the band Sangatsu. The critical review will be published online at SHIBAURA HOUSE website, at a later date.

There will be a short talk session between the guest critic and the program organizer Daisuke Inoue. Our aim is to create a space where dancers, audience and critics exchange their views.

This is a related program of Dance Port Shibaura, a dance company based at SHIBAURA HOUSE. Dance Port Shibaura approaches dance from three angles: create, watch and dance.  The company comprises both dance enthusiasts and professionals, and plans a public performance next year.

Ippei Shintaku (Director of Do Do Do Mori / Solo)
Title: Arechi
Choreography and performance: Ippei Shintaku
Participated in activities of the dancer Tenko Ima and choreographer Zan Yamashita. After setting up a base in Tokyo, he performed for two years at Kagayaku Mirai, run by Kim Ito. As a dancer he has performed on the stages of BABY-Q, off-Nibroll, Shuji Onodera and Maki Tabata. In 2011, Shintaku established Do Do Do Mori, a creative fantasy dance group, in order to further explore the possibilities of expressions on stage.

Title: Uchu no Shimi
Choreography: Kaeru-P
Performers: Aisa Shirai, Ayaka Ono, Koji Ozono
Profile: A dance unit run by Koji Ozono and Noriyasu Hashimoto. Their interests lie in exploring the roots of dance, from the idea that true dance lies in the everyday life. They have won a grand prix at the first Condors Choreography Competition, and produced several dance works, and have participated as choreographers and performers in a stadium concert. They also produce regular smaller pieces and workshops.

Photo: Kaneko

◎Opening Act
Title: Sai Wazzesukan
Choleography: Reisa Shimojima
Performers: Akane Kigoro, Yuta Ito, Haruka Shimoyama, Kaoru Onishi, Reisa Shimojima
Profile: Born in Kagoshima. Studied performing arts and graduated from J. F. Oberlin University. At the University she studied contemporary dance under Ikuko Kisanuki. She has performed in numerous pieces, including dance works by Ikuko Kisanuki, Naoka Uemura, Mitsutake Kasai and Chie Ito. Shimojima is also engaged in theater productions and performed in Tatsuo Kaneshta’s work. She has been leading the Kedagoro dance company since 2014.
*Critical reviews will only be written on the works by Ippei Shintaku and Kaeru-P.

stage 1: October 31 (Sat.) 14:00-16:00
stage 2: October 31 (Sat.) 18:00-20:00
stage 3: November 1 (Sun.) 14:00-16:00
*All programming for all three dates are the same.
*There will be a pre-performance talk between event organizer Daisuke Inoue and Atsuhiro Koizumi for stage 1, Kim Ito for stage 2 (Only in Japanese).

Stage director: Susumu Kumaki
Lighting: Ebana
Audio visuals: Akino Hayashi
Planner: Daisuke Inoue

Organizer・Producer: SHIBAURA HOUSE
Supported by: Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)



10/31(Sat) 14:00 〜 16:00
Dance Port Shibaura: From Body to Criticism


10/31(Sat) 18:00 〜 20:00
Dance Port Shibaura: From Body to Criticism


11/01(Sun) 14:00 〜 16:00
Dance Port Shibaura: From Body to Criticism


Daisuke Inoue Dancer / Choreographer

Inoue studied contemporary dance under Kuniko Kisanuki at J.F. Oberlin University. After graduating, Inoue danced at Kagayaku Mirai Dance Company directed by Kim Ito in 2007 and 2008. On leaving the company, he went on to produce a series of three solo-dance works titled Hyaku-nen no Karada. The piece was then reworked and refined in duo and trio constellations. From 2011-14, he co-founded and directed the 21st Century Geba Geba Dance Company. In addition to self-organized events, he participated in numerous festivals such as Dance Triennale Tokyo 2012 and the Dance Dive Week. He left Geba Geba in 2015 and is currently working as a solo artist. He is actively involved in various practices including dance productions, collaborations with artists from other disciplines, participating in dance related programming in universities and public halls, as well as leading workshops and site-specific, participatory projects. He recently received an honorable mention award from the Yokohama Dance Collection EX2014 Competition I. The piece was produced in collaboration with Korean dancer Sang-Hun Lee, being well received in Seoul, Hachinohe and Yokohama.

<Guest Critic> Kim Ito

<Guest Critic> Atsuhiro Koizumi


info@kohkoku.co.jp (PIC: Iwanaka)

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