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    “The Night Museum at SHIBAURA HOUSE”     The Kama City Residency Biennale

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No Booking Required

The Kama City Residency Biennale
The Kama City Residency Biennale is an artist residency set up by The Future in Kama city, Fukuoka. The idea of the residency is to create a place and a program where artists live together and engage in artistic practices. At The Kama City Residency, seven creative professionals from the Netherlands and three from Japan, stayed for three months from June to August in the Senzu Elementary School, a former elementary school in Kama. For two nights on the 6th and 7th of November their work will be presented, exhibited and framed by discussion, music, food and drinks during The Night Museum.

photo by Satoshi Nagano at Oda Hiroki Museum
Each classroom of the Senzu Elementary School were provided as studios for artists to live and work. They all set a mosquito net over their bed, and their daily life was always surrounded by the sound of nature. This became a symbol for the residency, engraved in the memories of the visitors and the local residents.

The residency is organized by by Vincent Schipper and Klara van Duijkeren of Dutch duo The Future, who conducted a workshop in SHIBAURA HOUSE several years ago. Being interested in the idea of locality and community, SHIBAURA HOUSE staff member Motoyuki stayed at the residency for one month. During her stay she organized KAMA RADIO, a radio program that connects SHIBAURA HOUSE and Kama, broadcasting interviews with local people.

What is unique about this project is that when the artists create a relationship with the community, the relationship is built on personality level before artistic practice. The people who came to the Senzu Elementary School got involved in production after they got to know each other through social time and mutual interests.
The overall theme for the residency is “Memory”. The works reflect the sharing of childhood memories between locals of Kama and the visiting artists, and the 3-months residency as a shared memory.

Life in Senzu / Ryoichi Nakamura
photo by Satoshi Nagano at Oda Hiroki Museum

The Night Museum
The works were presented as a whole in an installation at the Hiroki Oda Art Museum in Kama city. In Tokyo the focus will be on each individual work. With the backdrop of Tokyo’s cityscape, the exhibition will advance a dialogue between the works and the exhibition space, and relationships between the works and the context of the city. Furthermore, you are invited to enjoy food and drinks from Kama during The Night Museum.

Three Dancers / Anna Claire de Breij & Christine Maas
photo by Satoshi Nagano at Oda Hiroki Museum

Reconsider / Kotaro Maetani
photo by Satoshi Nagano at Oda Hiroki Museum

Where is Kama?
Kama city is located a the Southern part of Chikuho area in Fukuoka. Kama is a fairly recent name. It is a result of the merger between Yamada city, and Inatsukimachi, Usuimachi and Kahocho in the Kahogun area, with a total population 22,000. The area is rich in timber and water, thanks to an astride mountain range to neighboring Asakura city of Mt. Kosho, Mt. Umami and Mt. Hei. http://www.city.kama.lg.jp/
Kama city used have 6 elementary schools. However, depopulation led to a gathering of pupils in fewer schools, and now only Kaho elementary school and Ushikuma elementary school are left. Senzu elementary school, the venue for this year’s residency program was closed on the occasion of city merger last year.

11/6 (Fri.)
11:00-17:00      Exhibition on multiple floors. (1F/M2/2F/5F) Our free space can be used as usual.
18:00-23:00        The Night Museum opens
19:00-19:45      Opening Reception
20:00-/21:00-/22:00-   Exhibition Tour (by The Future)

11/7 (Sat.)

18:00-23:00 The Night Museum opens

18:00-20:00 Theme: "Memory"
18:00-19:00 Guided tour by The Future
19:00-20:00 Guided tour by Kotaro Maetani

20:00-22:00 Theme: "Human Scale"
20:00-21:00 Soundscape city - countryside by tones or sounds
21:00-22:00 A talk by The Trading City

22:00-23:00 Theme: Gesamtkunstwerk
22:00-23:00 Open discussion by Vincent Schipper, introducing Boris Groys's idea on "The Museum as Gesamkunstwerk".

 * Updated information will follow.
At Night Museum, we serve food and drinks from Kama city.
You can join any program without prior bookings and there are no admissions.

This exhibition is a collaboration between a The Future Publishing and Printing (Amsterdam) and SHIBAURA HOUSE (Tokyo).


11/06(Fri) 11:00 〜 23:00
    “The Night Museum at SHIBAURA HOUSE”     The Kama City Residency Biennale


11/07(Sat) 18:00 〜 23:00
    “The Night Museum at SHIBAURA HOUSE”     The Kama City Residency Biennale


Artist Profile

Klara van Duijkeren & Vincent Schipper / The Future
Publishing, Design / Amsterdam

The Future is a Dutch duo who live in Amsterdam where they work with publishing and curatorial projects. They approach publishing not just as printed matter, but as pieces that result from experimentation through sound pieces and installations. Together with Kai-breed dog Ichiro Kagetora, a local of Kama, they are the directors of the Future Residency. http://the-future-residency.com

Ryoichi Nakamura
Fine Arts, Oil Paint / Tokyo

Nakamura travelled to Berlin at the age of 20 while studying at the Tokyo Zokei University. Painting is the foundation of Nakamura´s work, but he also organizes exhibitions, and in recent years he has been exploring new materials and organically shaped support structures instead of conventional square canvases. He arrived in Kama a month before the residency started together with The Future. He produced three paintings, using the modern landscape of Senzu and the childhood memory of Senzu born residents as his motifs. Tables from the school he was living became his canvases. Being from Tama, he was affectionately called “Tama chan”. http://www.ryo-art.org/

Dirk Smit
Design, Applied Arts / Eindhoven, Amsterdam
Smit is a designer based in Eindhoven, working on special design and indoor decoration, as well as moving image and installation works. Through collaborating with a local wood craftsman, he made a boat by folding wood panels like Origami. Inspired by Obon, the traditional ritual of respect to the dead, he burnt his boat in a nearby pond. This boat is layered with memories: folding Origami and playing with boats as a child, recollections of his lost family, and time spent with the local Kama residents. http://drksmt.nl/

Christine Maas
Audio Visual Art / Amsterdam

Christine is a sound artist who is interested in music and the particular sensory experience created by sound. She participated in CitySCREEN Barcelona. Being impressed with the sound of the Samisen and flute, Maas created a video based on traditional, Japanese Nagauta music. She also collaborated with co-resident and a photographer Anne Claire de Breij, and made a stop motion film of Kagura dance, which was reconstructed as moving image.

She is a charming person, being observed listening in on Japanese children’s secrets - while unable to understand Japanese.

Anne Claire de Breij
Photography / Amsterdam
She is a photographer living in Amsterdam. de Breij's photographic work centers on an extremely clear-cut approach to her subjects. Exhibitions at Foam photography museum, Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography, and the book “Dutch Champions” with photographs of Dutch Olympic athletes, are among her merits. Anne Clair took many portraits of both local residents and residency artists. She is a childhood friend of Christine Maas, another participating artist. www.anneclairedebreij.com

Kotaro Maetani
Video Art / Osaka
Maetani explores and expands the vocabulary of moving images, like in videos where he samples natural lights. He mainly exhibits video installations that reconstructs and/or blurs the boundaries between distances and relationships. In Kama, he attempted to capture the sunlight at the rooftop using a camera obscura for sampling purposes, and the bonfire made in the school ground and the fireworks. https://www.flickr.com/photos/__ktr__mtn/

Steven van Lummel
Fine Art / Den Haag

Van Lummel's projects span from large-scale social art and wall paintings to postcard illustrations, produced in many parts of the world. While in Kama he fell in love with printmaking and created over 100 images using a technique picked up from a local printmaker. The installation consists of signage and magazines from Kama that awaken past memories. Filtered through personal taste, van Lummel creates a world that naturally draws us in.

Mami Motoyuki
Architecture, Urban Planning / Tokyo
A researcher dispatched from SHIBAURA HOUSE to Kama City. By spending a month with local residents, Motoyuki investigated what activities may be initiated in the countryside, and how locality is reflected in the work. Motoyuki is interested in the way communities are formed, and the spacial changes that follow in the process.


info@kohkoku.co.jp (PIC: Motoyuki)

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