New Membership Service


Sharing Space, Sharing Values ​​"Relations"


It is a call out for people engaged with the idea of community, in any shape or form. ‘Relations’ is a new program offered by SHIBAURA HOUSE which gives you a place to work (3F) and a place to hold your own events (5F). A new system where members are not confined to working in the one space, or at the one desk. New spaces that will invigorate the body, stimulate the mind and catalyse a new community. From December we welcome you to come and see the space, and meet with our staff to hear more details.


5F Event Space


SHIBAURA HOUSE management team will be there to realise the potential of each individual member, and help to create opportunities through our diverse network of enterprising people and organizations. We will be there to support and promote member 's events, as well as planning how members' can enhance their knowledge and skill set. We hope to stimulate, challenge and engage your work on a variety of levels with a variety of people.



3F Work Space + Patio 



The Reasons for Starting "Relations"


SHIBAURA HOUSE was established in 2011. It is the same year of the Great East Japan Earthquake. We can never forget that day, as the earthquake struck in the middle of construction and everything came to a standstill. Looking back on it now, we can firmly state that this disaster presented an opportunity to challenge people’s values, lifestyles and the general mood of our society.


Relations Network Diagram


As a simple diagram, SHIBAURA HOUSE was initially designed to be both a place for our private company, as well as a place for the local community to grow. After the earthquake, a lot of new communities were made through the work of newly established NPO’s and NGO’s. As we opened in the same period, SHIBAURA HOUSE has since become an event space where these communities meet and engage with the public. 6 years have past now, and we believe that these small communities facing various localised issues have established an important role in contemporary society.



When we objectively look at this situation, we can take two important ideas from our experiences thus far. One is the importance of accumulating the structure and know-how required to formulate a sustainable community management system. The other is realising the potential of cooperation, whereby people and communities from different backgrounds work together to tackle the same issues. In order for the relationship between community and society to advance to the next step, it is clear that we cannot avoid these two points.


5F 'think relations' event: study group expanding the network of 'Relations'


We hope ‘Relations’ members are able to expand their communication networks through sharing the space of SHIBAURA HOUSE. Furthermore, we hope members will then disseminate valuable information to a variety of people through holding regular events in the building. In that way members will expand their independent network, whilst also contributing to the broader concept of community. It is based on this philosophy that we will operate ‘Relations’. We are waiting for your participation.



◎Main Service
- Work space[3F] + Event space[5F: 4hours+α /month] + Use of various facilities
- Participation in study groups / workshops run by the ‘Relations’ network
- Support by the SHIBAURA HOUSE management team

   The Basic Usage * Time Is Below.
      Event Space: Weekdays 18: 00-22: 00, Work Space: Weekdays 9: 00-21: 00

◎ Membership Fee
- ¥ 38,000 (including tax) per month
   * Initial recruitment around 10 people

◎ Contact Information
- info@shibaurahouse.jp

3-15-4 Shibaura Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 108-0023
TEL: 03-5419-6446 (11: 00-18: 00)
FAX: 03-5444-6310