We Want You ! Friendship Program of 2018


The friendship program is a community oriented initiative that SHIBAURA HOUSE has been undertaking since 2012. Each year we cooperate with local individuals and small organisations who are engaged in social and cultural activities to provide a space for them to carry out their own independent projects. We want to provide a platform for people to realise their own ambitions. In the past we have sponsored a variety of programs from a wide range of backgrounds including talk events, concerts, exhibitions, workshops and much more.


The theme for the 2018/18 Friendship Program is to “Be Extreme.”


In the past seven years at SHIBAURA HOUSE we have endeavoured to open up the doors of our company and create a regular program of events that has led to the formation of a network of communities where a variety of people can feel at home. Our community extends beyond the idea of physical neighbourhood and we have helped to connect people from a variety of backgrounds, places and interests. As such, this space has become an alternative urban place, positioned somewhere between the private and the public. At this point, we are hoping to attract a new group of Friendship partners to help us push the boundaries of our program and to stimulate the local area by critically addressing social issues in a new way. We feel that SHIBAURA HOUSE presents an opportunity to realise a new kind of experimental event that would be difficult to make happen in the public realm. We are hoping to receive proposals that are extreme, critical, and that are aligned with the ideology of SHIBAURA HOUSE. Irrespective of genre, whether you’re involved in the arts, design, theatre, politics, architecture, education, economics, human rights, sports or whatever, we are open to your proposals.


◎ Application Guidelines

· We are looking for programs that can be carried out during weekdays between 1st June 2018 - 31st March 2019

· Each program will be given 12 hours of free rental space in that period

* If the 12 hour limit is exceeded, you can rent the venue at a special friendship rate

· We will help to promote your events by listing the information publicly on our website, and by distributing the information to our extended community via email and social media.


◎ Application method

If you are satisfied with the above requirements and are interested in our Friendship Program, please apply by e-mail or post. The application should include:

- a basic ‘Overview’

- a profile of ‘Previous Work’

- a proposed ‘Event Schedule’

Email: info@shibaurahouse.jp

Mailing address: 3-15-4 Shibaura Tokyo, 108-0023 SHIBAURA HOUSE (responsible: former)


◎ Application conditions

· NPOs, students, volunteer groups, individuals (not for commercial purposes)

· Be able to operate autonomously, including the necessary preparations and staff for the events on the day

· Have PR means such as a website, social media, mailing list etc.

· Must be able to prepare materials (text and images) for the public announcement in the format specified by SHIBAURA HOUSE

· Submit photographs and reports, and any accounting forms 10 days after each event


◎ Schedule

· Recruitment: March 25, 2018 ~ April 30, 2018

· Selection: Early May 2018 (Those who passed the first stage of document selection will proceed to the interview)

· Presentation date: announced on the SHIBAURA HOUSE website in May 2018

· Recruitment: We will sponsor a total of 3-4 organizations


Friendship program · 2017 "Thinking by hands" Workshop on thinking "self-interest" with kids / parents


2017 Friendship Program "Living Togather / STAND ALONE Performance & Talk Event"
Photo by Rody Shimazaki