Unique Rental Cases

Many custormes have been using SHIBAURA HOUSE as their event venue. Here we introduce unique cases.

University at Buffalo, The State University of New York (Seminar, Presentation)

3F, 5F

A group of 12 students from University at Buffalo, Department of Architecture, will be working on a series of projects focused on the public space of Tokyo at Shibaura House this summer as they participate in a study abroad program organized and led by Professors Nick Bruscia and Jordan Geiger. A review / exhibition of the student work was held on June 14th, with a second to follow on July 19th.

tonton (Workshop)


A children’s art free magazine “tonton” features ” Holland design and Children” by vol.3 issue which was released in July. For this theme, tonton held workshop with NOA HAIM. This workshop gave children and their parents many opportunities to know directory Holland Design, Art and Culture. We believe that the workshop would be the first stage for children to get interest in culture and design of overseas especially Holland design. And we believe that it would help them to improve international communication of their future.
Approximately 25children and adults attended children workshop and 15 adult attended for teen and adult workshop. They really enjoyed workshop with NOA HAIM by using her original workshop kits.


Monik (Workshop)

1F, 2F, 5F

What happens when economic growth falters? When our population shrinks and ages? When almost all of us live a metropolitan surroundings? When the earths resources become depleted? What happens if we run into the limits of growth and progress? These are the questions that the Still City Project investigaes, and we came to Tokyo, Japan to explore these questions and to find clues about what a post-growth, still world could be like. Since the Japanese economy hasn't been growing for a decade, and it's population is shrinking and aging while Tokyo's growth is significantly slowing down. We brought fifty international and local architects, designers, social scientist, academics and other urban explorers together in the Shibaura House in an eleven day workshop to investigate Tokyo through the lens of the Still City. The Shibaura House functioned as the base camp for city exploration and a save haven in this sprawling megalopolis. It was the place where we came together for lectures, presentations and discussion. The workshop functions as an engine for producing contributions for an alternative city guide on Tokyo and the Still City. The guide is scheduled to appear in fall 2013. 

Still City Tokyo was organized by Monnik, an Amsterdam based laboratory for investigation, imagination and storytelling.